Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Celebrating Abundance

I must give a big thanks to Jess of Pecannoot who featured my photo entitled "Obesity" there. Pecannoot is a wonderful site which honors the theme of 'abundance'. We all need to recognize the abundance which we may have in our lives now, and that which is to come; and we need to believe that the world has much to offer each one of us, not just a lucky few. There is plenty to go around; more than we can imagine. It's a good message, and a wonderful place to be honored (check it out!) Thanks, Jess!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

I. Should. Write. More (yeesh!)

(more often, at least)

This is a collage of pieces I've doodled in ballpoint pen, rollerball, colored pencil, graphite, acrylic paints, and large, mangy, one-tip-broken-off metal work scissor cuttings. All done on found papers, utility bill envelopes, canvas, and cardboard. The images 'say' my title.

NOTE: I realized people might think I did this as an art piece after reading one reader's comment; au contraire, I just felt I needed to post *something*, ANYTHING in my blog lest it seem dead (after all, I am not an every day, nor every other day blogger) and needed a visual to go with my title "I Should Write More, (yeesh!)" so went in my files of scanned doodles, pulled out some eyes=I, my butler guy who seems to be demanding something with that pointing finger=should, all the silly fonts=write more, and the girl holding her head=(yeesh!) - - slapped 'em all together and made a collage. :P

Have a nice weekend. :)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

White Vinegar Magic!

Some time ago, I started making small glass gem magnets using snippets of artwork I had drawn or photographed. At some point, I decided to order very large (2.5inch) glass pieces to make 'super-magnets', (actually, I use one as a paperweight for as-yet-unfiled-receipts.) When they arrived in the mail, they had a sort of frosty appearance, but I cleaned them off with glass cleaner, and they looked great. However, a day or two later, they'd return to this frosty look. [Huh?? Why?] And not only that, but it almost had a mysterious residue; I could wipe it with my finger and it gave the appearance of a greasy streak....only it wasn't greasy. [What the hey?]

Since then, I have tried every cleaner under the dingy-dang sun to no avail, until just last week. It was like an epiphany; almost spiritual. Yes, 'midst working on something unrelated, entirely, while watching a rerun of Lost, I was suddenly compelled to stand up, and go to the kitchen cupboard for some white vinegar. And that, my friends, worked. The glass has never gone cloudy since. Magic, I say!

UPDATE: for sale in my shop!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

As The World Flickrs

Headed Home, originally uploaded by sMacshot.

Sorry for my absence, sort of. I will be online a bit less during Lent, and working on a whole new stack of work (both photos and traditional art) which will hopefully be seen by Spring (and earlier) in my shops. A big snow is expected tonight, and I may be wading through nearly a foot of it as I head out to the subway tomorrow. I will see it as an adventure, and wish you all a wonderful week!