Saturday, December 29, 2018

I'm keeping my tree up

It's too hectic this time of year for me, so much so that I am unable to have quiet time to sit by the twinkly lights and read a book or watch an old movie, so my tree stays up until the end of January.  That's that.

(Making this photo was a nightmare.  It was actually done while at the beach house over the summer... I had a very tall plastic bottle inside my 'ponytail' but still had to loop my hair over the top since the bottle wasn't tall enough.  Then, every time I breathed, the bottle would 'skitter' and tip over, ruining the decorations.  I finally got the shot, not the best, but good enough!  Once I disassembled the 'tree', I proceeded to cut almost 8" off my hair, and rewarded myself with a day at the beach.)