Monday, June 23, 2014

First Week Of Summer

The year is moving rapidly, or slowly, depending on your viewpoint.  I can see it both ways, and I have, but Summer tends to fly for me.  Certainly taking a vacation during this season, which I like to do, causes time to move at warp speed; just like they say, "time flies..." (you know the rest).  But then I find the remainder of the year tends to barrel ahead after that.  It's as if I'm still recuperating from the sadness of the end of vacation, getting back into the swing of city life, and shaking sand out of my ears and clothes, when suddenly there is a countdown to Christmas, and I'll realize everyone is in the midst of Holiday planning, and many who do are thinking about potential New Year's resolutions.  Whoa Nelly, stop the presses!!  Let's just enjoy this day, and this week.  See if we can stretch it out a bit, shall we?  Life is happening every day, so, join me in enjoying that.  Happy First Week of Summer!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Confirmation Of Suspicions: Facebook Fraud

I dont' intend to make my blog about Facebook's shady business practices, but forgive another post on the same topic.  If my previous post was not enough to sway anyone from spending money on Facebook ads or boosting, perhaps this video, supported by like findings by the U.S. Inspector General regarding the State Department's own Facebook page, or the BBC's Technology correspondent, Rory Cellan-Jones.

Additionally, even if you have a Facebook Business Page and never pay to boost posts or promote your Page, don't think that the likes you are getting are necessarily genuine, either.  This explains.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Is Facebook Holding Your Page Hostage?

For those of you with a Business Page on Facebook (FB), it has come to my attention that FB has decided to withhold Pages' posts from all but 1-2% of those who "Like" their Pages UNLESS the Page owner PAYS to have their post or Page seen. It's a new world, and shareholders now need to be pleased; profits need to been seen, and FB is stooping as low as it can to accomplish this. 

It has also come to my attention that for the money paid to Boost or run an Advertisement, FB pays random people (seems often in a certain part of the globe where labor is cheap) to "Like" the Page or post. These paid "Likers" then never return to interact with the Page again unless the Page pays again. These fake Fans often have artificial or no profiles, no friends, no wall posts, or comments to the random photo they might 'decorate' their main page with. Their "Likes" are random and lack cohesion (example would be sMacVision, a Life Insurance page from another country/language from theirs, a Book Club, a local Zoo, a Grocery chain, another country's TV show, a Vegan Living Page, and Hunting Club, and a Buddhism site). They usually don't comment, either, since many don't speak the language of the Page.

I have chosen to stop paying for the scam for some time, now, and have seen the resulting falling views/comments/likes, as many have, so FB has stepped up their game, thinking if they squeeze hard enough, money will come out of me and other Page owners. Let me announce that they are wrong. I run an honest business, unlike FB. I am not a wealthy person with unlimited funds to advertise my Page. I am a struggling artist who would be doing what I do whether or not anyone ever took the time to visit, like, or comment. While I want people to take the time, I don't 'need' others to stroke my ego in order for me to exist and do what I love, (but I am so grateful to those of you who do visit more than you know!) and certainly won't pay for them.

I invite you to Share this on your own Business Pages if you have them, or on your own Wall for your friends who do can see them, and when you visit other Pages you enjoy following, please share this info as well.  Feel free to cut and paste, if you'd like.

It is very important that we not let FB get away with treating its customers this way, and at the very least not to think that if they continue to, that we will have no other choice but to accept it and pay.