Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Summer Of Double (and Triple) Exposures

This year more than any other year I made so many mistaken double, even triple exposures with all of my cameras.  To clarify, in the past, it has always been bound to happen with my roll film cameras; you take a picture, then forget to wind.  The plastic toys don't have much protection or warning to prevent a shutter button from being depressed if the film has not been advanced one frame after taking a photo.  Certainly, this could be a good thing, allowing for artistic license with intentional double exposures, or advancing as little or as much as one wants between frames in order to make the photos spaced well-apart vs. overlapping.  A mistaken double exposure, however, is upsetting mainly because it tends to ruin two potentially good photos, and I am baffled as to how many times I actually did it with Polaroid film this year (like the one above)!  Over and over.  I'm getting forgetful in my old age if I can't even remember to pull the photo out once I've snapped it.  gah!

Saturday, September 8, 2012


I am not of those fellow Polaroid shooters who are purists; who believe you should scan, print, or display a photo exactly as it comes out of the camera.  I do do it.  But have no rule against not doing it.  Sometimes a little alternative processing feels more correct for me.  Might have to do with my synesthesia, or might not.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Armory: I Wear What I Make

In fact, I made them for myself only, originally.  I couldn't find what I 'wanted' out there, so made these.  I wear them stacked up, like so, and love all the little colors together, like a handful of candies; candied religious medals, only with my quirky illustrations.  :P

People started complimenting me on them, so I started selling them offline.  They do much  better in person.  I've had them listed online before and don't do so well.  I think they have to be seen to be appreciated, and that's fine with me.

This photo of course, does not show off their colorful beauty.  I have another post here, and here, and here where  you can see that.  My sister took this up at the beach house by the ocean one morning a couple of weeks ago.... it's black and white Polaroid film (very expired, note the high contrast, blown out teeth and chin? And it's very schmootzy, see the speckles and stuff?)