Thursday, November 26, 2009

Two Boys, One Polaroid, & A sMacTack

The photo in my previous blog post is, as the caption states, my most recent Flickr upload after a bit of a hiatus.  Here is the actual setup, including the original polaroid (which I'd desaturated and brightened for Flickr) being held by Artie, one of my antique Schoenhut dolls.  Willie, to his right (you the viewer's left) is holding an original sMacTack which I make (and posted about in July) and which I shall be giving away... well, not this one, but another one... to a random drawing of my Facebook Fan Page fans.  So maybe you would like to consider becoming a fan if you aren't already!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

As The World Flickrs: sMacshot!!

Find Comfort, originally uploaded by sMacshot.
My first upload in over 3 months... the computer and technical woes, the resulting never ending game of catch-up, (which seems unfairly weighted against me) and just everyday 'life' things which must be attended to (not least of which is a full-time day job) all kept me from being active there. I've missed it.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Three Wishes

One for me.  One for you.  Another for emergency; first come, first served.

Why, oh why are my prints printing out with inaccurate colors?  Is it because they were profiled and made on a PC?  Is it because the Mac does not 'read/interpret' icm or icc profiles made on a PC?  I have work to print out. I am so, so, so behind.  The holidays are coming, orders and commissions on hold or delayed.  I've recalibrated everything but now all my work (and anything, including my blog) is wrong... too contrasty, vivid, and ugly.  Why would I want to print out and match my screen when my screen is showing me ugliness, and not the way I made my art and photography to begin with?  Hours of search, forums, knowledgebase, Adobe, Apple, but nothing.  Not even anything related.  So frustrated and so little time.   Big pout.

UPDATE:  Snow Leopard apparently has issues with not only color calibrations systems, but my Epson 2200 printer, (which it will not work with beyond a text document at all!)  At first I thought it was now a matter of buying a whole new color calibration system which does have Snow Leopard drivers, but now I know this won't even matter now since my printer will still not print out matched prints.  Buying a new printer was not in my budget plan.  (Neither was the whole new computer and external hard drives, and house phones which all died together and had to be replaced.)  It's been quite the last few months, and I can't help but think about a certain sum of money someone never paid me back which would really cover all this right now.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Copycat Suing Original Artist

... yes, that's right, and guess what for?  For the rights to mass produce and sell the items he copies, basically.  Mr. Rick Wittrig, owner of has been selling pretty much exact copies of the beautiful firepit sculptures created by the wonderful, talented, and hardworking artist, John T. Unger.

What if this was you?
John, who owns the copyrights to his firepit sculptures (which he's made since 2005) is being sued by Mr. Wittrig to have those very copyrights overturned!  This is not a case which is likely to hold up in court, and I'm sure Mr. Wittrig is well aware of that fact.  However, it seems clear that he intends to 'outspend' John, since he is in a position to do so.  John's already spent over $50,000 of his own money in court cases fighting Wittrig, and if he cannot come up with the enormous funds necessary to defend his copyrights, a default decision means Wittrig wins.  That simple, and infuriating.  This cannot happen.  The Law needs to protect artists better than that.  There but for the grace of God go any one of us small-time artists who come up with an idea some big business man decides to seize as his own money-making scheme, and while I do not know this artist, I intend to help.

I hope some of you do as well.  Donate.  I just did, it was easy and safe.  Give a dollar.  Give five.  If you feel more strongly, give $75, and for that price take a sculpture of your choosing from this first set of 100 sculptures made from the firepit cutout scraps.  John lets you reserve the exact one by simply saying so in a comment to it's Flickr pic in the set.  (Each 100-piece set will be made in a different color of steel.  This one is colorless, or natural.  Red, orange, yellow, white, and black are also available.)

Put one in your studio or work area as a reminder of how we need to support each other, and that in doing so we make the ability to make a livelihood at being an artist a more attainable goal, not an idea easily desecrated by some unethical thieving businessman with fat pockets.  I've had my work stolen and sold, and not just once.  Many of us know how this feels, and it's not nice.  United States law needs to be more supportive and strong in this regard, and our assistance in helping to establish precedence in these cases might be the step in the right direction towards that end!