Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The New Palette of Gary Baseman

The colors absolute inspire me. I went to one of his openings years and years ago at Earl McGrath, here in NYC. I've been a fan long before much of the commercialization of his work, but the work and colors in this video remind me why I love his art.

Monday, March 14, 2011

A Circus Around Here

I'm not the best blogger, let's be honest.  Where do people find all the time, I wonder?  I had a Birthday not too long ago and treated myself to some additions to my antique toy collection from my favorite NYC dealer.  I couldn't choose just one treat, so I got three! (only one pictured here)  These clowns came from a game, but not much more is known about them. I love the beautiful paper lithograph, (click the photo to see better) which is still quite intact.  And each can be removed from the stand - - their bases have wooden pegs which fit in holes.

Like so many of you are, I've been so busy.  Along with my full-time day job, I've been working on two concurrent outside commissions for the past month, as well as trying to attend some Community Board meetings, and filling some print, and jewelry orders.  I've yet to update my online shops, but there are many more pendant styles to choose from, now. ( I"ll get to that eventually, like finishing my taxes - yes, I'm not done!)  And me, not having TV, you think they'd mention on the all-news radio station I listen to every morning that  Sunday was Daylight Savings day, no?  It's a darn good thing I had no appointments!   :)