Monday, September 30, 2013

Hello Fall

Summer came and went, and I didn't even do my usual every month to month and a half post - - shock and horrors!  So, here's something to fill the gap, before I miss Fall, too.  The photo above aptly describes the space of time between here and my last blog post, and there's a little background story I'll share.

I do a series of photos (snapshots, actually, no artistry involved) which my personal Facebook friends see, in an album called "Post No Bills".  This is the phrase that is stenciled onto every panel of the wood walls which surround construction lots here, in NYC.  The walls are normally painted a specific shade of blue (I guess to make it less ugly, although lately I am seeing variations; greens, black, and brown - but those aren't as common) and stenciled with the 'warning' in white to alert the public not to use the walls as a place to post advertisements, announcements, posters, stickers, art, whatever.  The opposite generally happens, nonetheless: they get massively covered with urban decoration.

Recently, though, I started seeing the words "Post No Bills" altered by some humorous graffiti artist(s).  There were things like just a letter change: "Post No Balls".  Then it was a whole word change: "Post Buffalo Bills".  Then it was more than one word: "Post Cow Bells".  And finally all three words: "Pass Two Beers".  I'd see older graffiti get altered, again, first by a letter or two, ("Post No Balls" > "Post sNo Balls") and then by full phrases, the point seeming at this time to be more about changing what was to something else.  I'm guessing the theme is anything, as long as it's different, regardless of whether or not it makes any sense, and it just might be a good enough theme to try in life when things seem to be too stagnant.  Do what moves you.  Don't try to make sense of it, just go in whatever organic direction you are drawn to.  You just might inadvertently provide humor, or beauty, or inspiration for others around you to do likewise, and at the same time find a new path for yourself.