Saturday, March 27, 2010

Down But Not Out

Suddenly it's almost Easter.  So much I intended to have finished during Lent, and I'm starting to worry I won't have everything completed!  Don't count me out, though.  I've amazed myself sometimes with what I get done!  Also, everyone, stay tuned for a nice little Giveaway right on the horizon!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Carbon Project: COLORS

So, some of you know about my Carbon Project which I started last Spring and spoke about in a recent post.  The Project which originally started out being strictly black & white very soon incorporated slight color toning, and then full color -- first desaturated, but finally, full candy tones.  It's surreal living in New York City, sometimes.  Why shouldn't my depiction convey a similar sense?   Above are a bit of this color portion of the Carbon Project, along with detail shots.

My only problem now is the rendering in print... inkjet printers are not always capable of the subtleness of my colors, with green-blues to full greeny-greens coming out particularly flat.  Bleahh.  Something I have to work on.  Might have to do this part off-site [have someone else print them.]

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Vitamin C

It's that weird time of year when the Spring season pops its head in the door to remind you it's right around the corner, yet doesn't actually drop in for long before ceding back to the chill, and you let your guard down and stop wearing hats and gloves, and everyone at work is sick, and next thing you know you've got this funny feeling in the back of your throat.... Well, normally I don't get sick from others, and I will go with wet hair in an ice storm (cold does not make you sick, germs do) but this winter I have had one really bad cold, and a couple of yucky under-the-weathers.  Prevention time?  Maybe.  So I am trying to remember my Vitamin C, or perhaps I'll just take a picture instead.  I think creativity heals all.  :)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

It Starts With Doodling

Like so many great ideas I have... the pencil works idly on any little scrap of paper I can find.  I use the edges of cards at work which only allow me spaces of about 2inches x 1/2inch to work on.  Birds continue as well as a series of scaredy cats (to be seen later... or not.)  Here's my sketch which I scanned much larger into my computer and added texture there.  Finally, I uploaded the final full-color painting today on my Flickr account.  Goldie is also available in my shop.