Sunday, September 27, 2009

As The World Flickrs: Snailbooty!!

There is no other doll photographer out there which can send my nerve endings into a delighted tizzy like a person who goes by the moniker 'snailbooty' on Flickr. Scenes from elaborate to simple are the settings for Snailbooty's fantabulous collection of bizarre doll-creatures. It's quite clear to me that much time is taken to set up scenes and lighting, and hours upon hours of shooting takes place. My favorites are the black and white 'film noir-esque' ones, which are at once jolting and comical (in fact, you'll find a lot of humor as you browse through the pages of Snailbooty's Flickr stream!) And the talent doesn't just end with the camera, no, Snailbooty is an artist as well. I invite you all to check out this wonderful body of work.

[**OFF-TOPIC NOTE ..... I am still without access to most of my files from the old pc. Two of my seven external hard drives died on the same day, and my images now only remain on the pc's internal drives (I had 3). It is seeming like an eternity for which I wait while external enclosures for those 3 drives arrive in the mail. Until then, I am unable to do much of my work, and going absolutely bonkers in the process!!]

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Show's Not Over!

Exit, Stage Left, originally uploaded by sMacshot.

We're just having technical difficulties. If it seems I've been absent lately it's because I have been; at least from the online world.

I returned from a month-long vacation to find that my beloved computer doesn't want to stay on more than 20 seconds. I nearly built this monster myself 6 years ago and it served me so well; never so much as showing me a hiccup or a wince (despite its age) in the face of heavy-duty tasking in Photoshop or 3D Animation/Modeling.
But the day has come and I am currently awaiting the arrival of my new computer, a Mac Pro. It's my first Apple machine but I still love Windows and plan on getting a laptop down the road.

Meanwhile, I've resorted to long distance phone calls with my sister - she is the one typing this now, as I dictate (since she's also the only person I trust with all my website logins). So hoping everyone will not abandon me - I haven't been ignoring you.

Happy Labor Day weekend to my US readers! :)