Monday, June 23, 2014

First Week Of Summer

The year is moving rapidly, or slowly, depending on your viewpoint.  I can see it both ways, and I have, but Summer tends to fly for me.  Certainly taking a vacation during this season, which I like to do, causes time to move at warp speed; just like they say, "time flies..." (you know the rest).  But then I find the remainder of the year tends to barrel ahead after that.  It's as if I'm still recuperating from the sadness of the end of vacation, getting back into the swing of city life, and shaking sand out of my ears and clothes, when suddenly there is a countdown to Christmas, and I'll realize everyone is in the midst of Holiday planning, and many who do are thinking about potential New Year's resolutions.  Whoa Nelly, stop the presses!!  Let's just enjoy this day, and this week.  See if we can stretch it out a bit, shall we?  Life is happening every day, so, join me in enjoying that.  Happy First Week of Summer!