Monday, November 29, 2010

More from the Survivor Series

Some more prints of my little sketches and paintings from my Survivor series.  I hope those of you who celebrate survived Thanksgiving and Black Friday weekend.  Oh yes, it's that time of year, facing Holiday shopping; something I dread and try to get done online or in-home as much as possible.  That's how I survive it!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Walk With Me

Central Park isn't the only place with trees in Manhattan.  I think most people know that, but perhaps are not aware of how important the attempt at preserving small pockets of nature the way it exists 'out there' is.  I have trees on my block, as do many of the blocks in Soho and elsewhere, (ok, some of you might laugh at what I am qualifying as a tree - - some are in planters) and this time of year I am most aware of their presence.  Falling leaves for me are so full of nostalgia; whether witnessing their flight, or seeing them stuck to the streets and sidewalks, I am brought back mini 'eras' in my life, replayed with such vivid detail.

Now, while we have no 'proper' grocery store in Soho, if I walk above Houston Street, there is a small one, and this is the path which leads to it.  It's a mini oasis at night when you can pretend the rest of the city beyond doesn't exist.