Sunday, June 1, 2008

7 Random Things About Me

In the blog-world there is an activity which occurs whereby one blogger tags several others (after they themselves have been ‘it’.) I was recently tagged twice, and though I’m not one to bend to pressure and continue the ‘chain letter’ aspect of it, I’ll play along with the other duty of a person who has been tagged, and that is to tell seven random facts about yourself that most people don’t really know.

1. In the ‘80s I had dinner with Hubert Givenchy. I actually don’t remember much by the way of details simply because back then this was not an unusual occurrence because of who I worked for and the lifestyle I lived. I do recall I had on long satin gloves, and a black gown. And the only other famous person I recall there was Cicely Tyson.

2. I have been hit by a car. As a child. (It was the whole ‘smash up on the windshield and fly through the air’ thing.) And now when I cross the street I sometimes change my mind and run back just in case that oncoming traffic is faster than I thought.

3. I love whole berry cranberry sauce from a can. I could eat an entire bowl of it — I don’t, but I could! It has to be cold because straight out of the cupboard, room temperature, tastes yucky. Therefore, I often keep one can in the fridge so that it will be cold when it’s time to be opened.

4. I’ve been lost in the woods. Like so bad that I truly thought this was ‘it’. No one found me….I just finally, by miracle, found my way back to where others were. By then the sun was nearly set, and no one even knew I was gone.

5. I have never seen a James Bond film. And it will probably stay that way.

6. Not including the family beach house, I’ve called 14 places my home, (most were not my choice.) I now have an aversion to moving, and have been where I live now for almost 20 years even though I could really use a lot more space.

7. I eat dinner really late. Normally between 10pm and midnight. Sometimes later.


~dani~ said...

Ooh..great random facts. I myself love some very cold cranberry sauce. I have to say that I really like the way your blog looks..nice job!

Diana said...

That was positively delicious. I'm so glad you spilled the beans. The thing is, you're even more intriguing with a tiny bit of light shed on the subject. You should be "it" more often, peer pressure notwithstanding.

Btw, I, too, have never ever seen a James Bond film, and I will fight hard to keep it that way.


sMacThoughts said...

dani .... OH how great it makes me feel to find another cranberry sauce lover! And thank you for the compliment!

diana .... hahaaha! I might, in fairness, do one more of these for the other person who tagged me, but not right away. And yes, the Bond thing...I have absolutely nothing against the actors, just I am not a huge "action" film (and I think this is the precursor to that genre) kinda gal.

Sandy Mastroni said...

dear susan I've gotten lost in my own house and no one missed me .
and I live now across the street from the very house I grew up in !
You have seen more of the world than I have .
It was fun to read about you
How do you stay so thin ...eating so late ... and then going to bed ?

sMacThoughts said...

Sandy, no credit to me, it's in the genes. I've never been to a gym, either, but I can make muscles in my arms that would scare a boy.

well...maybe a skinny boy.

well...maybe a young skinny boy.


Sandy Mastroni said...

Oh you are lucky
I have fat happy Buddha genes

Jiffy Cat said...

I can picture you flying over the car somehow landing on your feet but it probably didn't happen that way.Lets see one interesting tidbit about me. Fashion wise...oh yes. I talked to Jane Mayle for ten minutes about kitchen remodels and tin ceilings but not about her designs. I also waved to Yves St. Laurant when he drove by me in the back of a limo in Paris. I only noticed him after I watched 4 models get in the car first. Somehow your supposed to see these things in Paris. Well not anymore, goodbye Yves.

Art Kitten said...

Wonderful post! I loved learning about these things about you and can't wait to hear more!

sMacThoughts said...

Sandy, you're hilarious!

Jiffy Cat .... Oooh, that's a good one!

art kitten .... I'm working my way up to it. Gotta do one more of these!

Anonymous said...

Independent film....70´s...Great.. :)

sMacThoughts said...

Thank you, Jordi!

Dancing Monkey Jewelry said...

Casino Royale is worth watching. :) Actually, the new James Bond is worth watching.

I had drinks with Joan Baez - actually she sat at my table in a bar in Seattle. We exchanged pleasantries and then politely ignored each other the rest of the night. (Joan: Is this seat taken? Me: No. Say has anybody every told you that you look just like Joan Baez? Joan: Well that might have something to do with the fact that I am Joan Baez. Me: Say, isn't this an awkward situation. Waitress! I'll have another drink, please.)

sMacThoughts said...


Anonymous said...
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