Thursday, January 22, 2009


In the morning I overslept...well, sort of. I actually set the alarm for three hours later than I was supposed to. Jeesh.

I had a doctor's appointment. My first time seeing this particular doctor, and hopefully my last. Did not like his manner, his rushing me, his suggestion upon looking at my leg for less than a minute that I should get surgery, his absolute defensiveness to my questions, nor the fact that I caught him saying in a voice recorder (in another room) after I got dressed that "this patient is very competent" (which I translated to mean that it was not going to be as easy to pull the wool over my eyes and dupe me into getting the expensive procedure that I really don't need. His own sort of note to self, if you will.)

Back home, before noon I put a couple of new items in my Etsy shop:

This first one, entitled "Do You Mind??!" combines my love of antique toys with humor through it's image and description which reads:

Shame on you for barging in on Lady Pricilla's bath time, I mean, really! It is very difficult to bathe oneself when one's hands are needed to hide the goodies. You really should turn your back...avert your eyes....something! Huh? Say what? You want to hang her portrait on your wall!? Well...this is highly unusual, we don't normally entertain requests such as these in the bathroom, although, yes, yes, this makes sense now. Be her guest!
The second one is a symbol to inspire personal achievement, one I thought would be nice for anyone to hang on their office or studio wall. It's called "Aspire" :)

In the afternoon I was invited (and accepted) into an exclusive Market (I won't bore people with the details of what "Markets" are, etc., just suffice it to say I was excited!) on 1000 Markets, a new juried online selling venue where I have recently opened another shop.

In the evening, I went food shopping. At this point the temperatures had dropped significantly since the morning, and reinforcements were necessary; NYC is a walking city, it wasn't like I was gonna hop in a car and drive to the store. I walk everywhere, no matter the weather, so I wrapped my face up in my favorite scarf, one my mother knit me (the best kind of reinforcement, don't you agree?) and forged ahead through the streets, my fingers quickly turning numb despite being gloved.

Then walking back I passed by Heath Ledger's last home, where he was found dead exactly one year ago. There were several bouquets and collages left outside of the door, in memorial, and it reminded me of that horrible day last year, also as cold. How ironic the announcement of his nomination for his role in The Dark Knight came out this morning.

And finally, tonight I will be catching up on some cleaning, starting new artwork, watching a little TV, adding another upload to my Flickr account, and having a nice bowl of something hot to warm me up inside.

Tomorrow is back to work. But tomorrow is not today, so it doesn't belong in this post. So with that I bid you all a good night!


Anonymous said...

YaY another shop! Is this 3? It's like Monopoly, you are ready for the "hotel" now!!!! :--)
I work for a doctor, a really cool one, but deal with many like you described. DEFINITELY, get a second opinion. Docors that find surgery the first means of treatment are not doctors at all.
Going over to Flickr now to check out your new additions! Hope you're warming up. It's been bitter cold here in New England. Have a great night!!
<3 sandy

sMacThoughts said...

Well, yes, this is my third shop, but one I have never opened really, nor advertised, so this one at 1000Markets is really my second shop. The Trunkt link you may see on my sidebar is not a shop. Trunkt is a juried organization which represents you to wholesalers.

Oh my gosh, yes, it has been so cold. I do love it as long as I can get out of it, but sometimes even my heat is not working so well...and living in an old building with an old boiler, it's not like you can turn the thermostat up, there IS no thermostat. Ya get what ya get. :)

I will get the second opinion. thank you!

Victoria Bennett Beyer said...

It could have been worse, maybe, if you overhead him saying "This paitent is incompetent..."
Why are so many doctors so very unpleasant?

sMacThoughts said...

Hahaha, yes, Victoria, you are right!

Sarah said...

I love those photos-especially the lady in her bath and will go to have a look at your shop in a minute. Doctors are hit and miss aren't they? I hate going to the doctor's and always have to pluck up my courage only to be dismissed. Hope you get better treatment next time.

Chris said...

Awesome photo...

I hate doctors for this very reason. I just went to the derm last week and showed the same doc a mole I had showed her three months ago. Back then, she blew off my concerns and said she'd remove it for me "if I really wanted" her to, but it wouldn't ever give me trouble. A few weeks ago it got infected, and I came back last week for a recheck. She took one look and told me I should remove it. When I mentioned what she said three months ago, she sort of hemmed and hawed and came up with some excuses. How are you supposed to trust anyone in the medical field? Very annoying.

Anyhow, congrats on the new shop, and it sounds like it was an interesting day for you! Hope you are having a great weekend too...

sMacThoughts said...

Sarah and Chris...
ugh. Yes, the doctor thing. At least I have recently found a wonderful general doctor. I am blessed for that. It's the specialists I am sorta wanting to doink in the eyes.

Sandy Mastroni said...

I like Lady Priscilla I like that dog statue too !
thank you . thank you so much for your blog comment
it made my day !
congrats on all the stuff you have going on !

Jeb said...

I like this one! Black and white skyscrapers are cool!

sMacThoughts said...

Sandy .... Oh you're so welcome, and yes, that 'dog statue' is actually a hard-stuffed animal (probably straw or sawdust). He is Tige, Buster Brown's dog and his head is the only non-stuffed part, it's like a hard composition type material. He also wears a lovely leather collar...a very old toy.

Jeb .... thanks so much!

Sandy Mastroni said...

Does your shoe have a boy inside ?
what a funny place for a boy to hide
Does your shoe have a dog there too ?
a boy and a dog and a foot in a shoe
well the boy is Buster Brown and the dog is Tige his friend
and they're really just a picture but it's fun to play pretend
so look look look in your telephone book for the store that sells the shoe with the picture of the boy and the dog inside so you can out your foot in too

yes I know all the words and the melody AND it's weird because I had been singing this song to my husband all week
[ just to annoy him ]
so now I will annoy you
hope you don't mind ... it was fun for me

sMacThoughts said...

What the!! Ahahaha, Sandy, at first you made me go and look at my photo ("Hmm...why does she see a boy in the shoe?...")
I do not remember this jingle! Hilarious!

Sandy Mastroni said...

I just watched it on you tube
I typed in
Buster Brown shoes TV commercial
and .... there it is !
I'm guessing the EARLY sixties ?
I'm also thinking the dog you have may not be a toy but a store display [ maybe ]
it's a great song
you'll be singing it to your little dog now !

sMacThoughts said...

OK, I am gonna have to check that out. Hmm...never thought about him not being a toy. He doesn't seem large enough for a store display, but you never know. It is rare, so perhaps that is why...that it's not actually a toy.

Georgia B. said...

i absolutely ADORE "Aspire"! what a beautiful thing!

i would love to hang that anywhere—office or home!

i know what you mean about the doc. i will not tolerate that from a doctor anymore. they get paid way too much to act like that. when they do, i call them out on it and if they don't change, i don't go back! good for you for not going back!

sMacThoughts said...

Thanks Georgia... well I have an appointment for a second opinion, but am finding out from other trusted (doctors) sources that the suspicious leg doctor in question is "the best" and "very good" and "THE go-to doctor in his field" so, gosh, am I just overly suspicious? Did he just have a bad day when I saw him and behave so sarcastically, short, and irritated, but normally isn't so? Am I just so distrusting of people's motives?? Sheesh, I am now keeping my mind open. I may be back to him, yet. Let's see what second-opinion doc says.

(oh and if you ever want "Aspire" you know where to find it!)