Sunday, July 19, 2009


There is so much to do in so little time. I suppose it applies to most of us all of the time. No matter the task, once given, the allotted time frame suddenly shrinks just enough to cause mild panic. Usually in the end these things tend to work out, or close to that, but until D-day, the moments to stop and breath and feel calm seems too few and far away. I will go to the beach house soon, and am scrambling to get all the tasks done I need to. There is always the fear that I will forget something major, but I will try hard to let those thoughts go, and forge ahead without 'looking at the clock' (since that tends to put me into 'deer in the headlights' mode.) Happy Sunday to all!


The Vintage Sister said...

Remember tweezers! That's what I needed last week when I was away and I didn't have any. You never know when you might need tweezers.
This was just the advice you were looking for, right?


sMacThoughts said...

Yes, OH my golly, you are so right! Thanks! :)