Friday, May 27, 2011

Film Flam and All That Stuff

How did a month go by?  It's almost Summer and I am not prepared!  I'm not even 1/3  of the way done with film scanning from last year.  The task is time consuming, but I get lost in the magic, reliving memories as I scan each frame.  Each negative holds a surprise, and I feel like Peter Billingsly as "Ralphie" in The Christmas Story as he locks himself in the bathroom to decipher the secret message from his Little Orphan Annie Decoder Ring... the anticipation, the excitement, the.... WHAT the???  Yeah, so ok, sometimes the scan is little more than some bizarre light-leaky abstracts like these above.  That's what you get when you work in toy plastics!

I've added stainless steel chains and silver toned medals to the Armory.  I really need to get to listing all my sMacVision Armor at some point, but for now I sell quite well offline - - easier when people see them 'in person'.  There are some in my Etsy shop, and if you see anything here, feel free to contact me.

There is a significant shop update with new prints.  For now just in the Etsy shop... coming soon to SuperMarket as well.

I've also made bracelets.  They come in singles or multiples, and I wear mine stacked, just like I do my necklaces.  As with the silver stuff above, these aren't in any of my online shops.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend to all who celebrate it, and are fortunate enough to have it off!


Sandy Mastroni said...

I've been thinking of you
I love the bracelets !
Have a good weekend

indie grrrl said...

Hey there Susan... Summer IS right around the corner. Loving your new jewelry. fun fun fun!!!! Hoping you get some time to yourself this weekend..... xo Sandy

Jan | Poppytalk said...

Pretty bracelets! And thanks for dropping by my blog today - sorry about the annoying ads, good to know.

: )

Have a nice long weekend!

sMacThoughts said...

Sandy ... I have been thinking of you, too... will email!

Sandy #2 ..... Today felt like summer. I work all weekend and through the holiday, but that's ok xo!

Jan .... I am honored that you've visited! And yes, about the ads, my golly you don't 'need' so many, though I imagine with a blog as popular and well-known as yours, you must get a LOT of solicitors. Hey, if they wanna pay, why not; just please, not in the comment aisle! :)

Chris said...

These are really cool I'm going over to etsy to find your shop.

sMacThoughts said...

Fantastic, thanks Chris!

red-handed said...

Your enthusiasm is pretty fabulous.

sMacThoughts said...

Why thank you so much!

Mia said...

I love your jewelry! I love it all!

sMacThoughts said...

You're the best, thank you Mia!!