Sunday, April 8, 2012

The World's Worst Blogger

Or something like that. What can I say? I know many others equally busy or more so are perfectly capable of tossing in a post every few days or week or so with very little trouble. At least it seems. But I am owning the fact that this is just not as easy for me, taking care of business offline, online, updating the Facebook, the shops, keeping on top of orders, shipments, and personal work. I am not a self-sufficient artist, I do have another day job; living in Manhattan requires it. I am going to try to not beat myself up over not being so present like the many blog-owners I love to follow are. I'm doing my best.  Happy Easter, everyone!

These are some of the Paper Mache NYC Racing Puppies still in [slow] progress.  They mostly run in circles, and stop for treats along the way, but they have fun, and they're adorable in an imperfect way.  More on the sMacVision Facebook page!


indie grrrl said...

Always a treat when you post.... and dont beat yourself up. My goodness, you are very busy! Happy Easter! Hope you had a little time for yourself today! xoSandy

Sandy Mastroni said...

I know Susan !......... I've been having a REAL hard time blogging and keeping up with other things .
It's nice to see you back . Love the pups !
Happy Easter Susan !!

Unknown said...
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sMacThoughts said...

Thank you both! Yes, I had a nice Sunday, what gorgeous weather for Easter!

Sandy Mastroni said...

Susan ! ......... you know that paper bag thing I did ?
It seems VERY durable
I love it
and now I really want to do my floor
Thanks Susan for visiting me !

Heidi said...

Aw, don't feel bad. You're an artist, not a blogger. That's a good thing! And the posts you do make are always awesome :)

sMacThoughts said...

Sandy, I really want to try it on something, but don't have anything that I can think of. Love how it looks!

Heidi, xoxo thank you so much!!

Victoria Bennett Beyer said...

We love you anyway :). I bet you spend a lot more time creating than me... when you post your projects are all so different,like this doggie here. So cool!

sMacThoughts said...

Oh Victoria, thank you for that!