Saturday, December 15, 2012

Can You Say Procrastinate?

For pete's sake, I can finally cross this off the forever long list of 'To-Dos'!  I shot my friend, artist Brian Ermanski back in the Fall of 2010, and said I'd make him a disk.  It was an impromptu shoot, and consisted of more than one night.  And not being a commissioned work it kept being placed on the back burner.  As I shoot at night, without flash, the photos need some attending to (post-processing, the originals are quite dark).  It took hours and hours, days and weeks, and kept being interrupted with more pressing jobs.  Finally I gave a definitive deadline in order to force myself to get this thing done and delivered, but then Hurricane Sandy hit us.   Soho was in the blackout area for a week.  (I won't go into that).  Once we were back on the grid I had two jobs lined up which I had to finish before I could go back to Brian's photos.  And two days ago I was thrilled to deliver the disk to his Tribeca studio where he's getting ready for a show on Monday.  How great to see his immense reaction as he stopped to look at the 136 images on his laptop with me.  He said he had never seen himself photographed that way, and it was a wonderful feeling to make someone so happy with my photos.

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