Wednesday, January 27, 2016

First Snowstorm of the Winter

I prefer the seasons to behave accordingly.  Winter should be cold, blustery, with lots of snowstorms. I do not like lame winters, so this recent storm gave me joy.  More please.  Here are some pictures from Saturday night on my neighborhood walk.  Soho is generally last on the list of places which get plowed.  But this time, even the Avenues were blocked with snow, and I took a walk over to Holland Tunnel, and it, too, was blocked!

Park benches.

Looks like a little gingerbread house scene!

No Holland Tunnel traffic!

Loved all the whites at this loading dock area.

The landlord of this building had a snowblower.  Saw the owner of this car digging out the next day. 

See, no plowing in Soho!  It was a total fairyland!

Reflected light from all the snow showcased this graffiti nicely.

A Soho snowman.  I called him Smiley.  :)


Anonymous said...

Some of those look like a fairy tale!

Anonymous said...

Love the cute snowman.

sMacThoughts said...

Anon1, yes, they do look fairytale-ish!

Anon2, He's bigger than he appears in the photo. It made me happy to come across him. :)