Sunday, May 4, 2008

As The World Flickrs

Episode 2: Brett Walker's Freak Show
(Flickr is an international photo-sharing site which is directly responsible for inspiring me to be better as a photographer, and to see things with new eyes. The source of impressive talent is vast and continues to show me how much more there is to learn. Each week I will be featuring one or more of my ‘faves’ or a specific artist.)

Entering Brett Walker’s Flickr stream is like being let into an exclusive fine art exhibit on another planet without having to pay the fare. You’ll feel honored. You’ll feel stunned, (often freaked out) in a very good way. You’ll never look at faces or photography the same way again. And you’ll want to keep coming back. [This last is easily accomplished by the sidebar link under my banner.]


Sandy Mastroni said...

Oh I'm glad I found you ! I am off to look at your etsy shop too!

Diana said...


Those portraits look incredible! It's the end of the day here, and I don't know if you heard that I'm in my first trimester (you may have said so, but my brain: she don't work so good right now). Anyway, if I were to go sort through those photos right now, at the end of the day, and then try to sleep tonight, my pregnancy hormones would cause the most disastrous fever nightmares ever. And I'd wake up looking (and feeling) even more haggard.

Looking forward to checking it out tomorrow, though!

sMacThoughts said...

Thanks so much, Sandy!

Diana....I did not know your news until just today!! I just left you a message and am now seeing you have already mentioned it to me here. OH again, congratulations and joy oh joy oh joy oh joy!!

Sandy Mastroni said...

I hope it's okay .... I added you to my blog links !
and Diana too
so cool to know BOTH of you now

sMacThoughts said...

More than ok, Sandy, I'm honored!

Anonymous said...
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