Thursday, October 1, 2015

That Blood Moon

The other night we experienced a total lunar eclipse of a super moon. (This is also known as a Blood Moon.)  I'm not usually one to take the usual photos of things like moons, or sunsets, or rainbows, or other similar subjects, but never say never.  In fact, last week, during the Pope's NYC visit, I did actually take a photo of a rainbow.  It was not your standard rainbow, but one that was in the formation of a halo, encircling the entire Madison Square Garden area about a half hour before his arrival to give Mass there.  And then, this Blood Moon hits town, and darn if I didn't walk up to the the corner and aim up there and get this one photo.  It's certainly nothing, compared with all the wonderfully lit and detailed images I saw friends, even non-photographers, uploading on social media, but I do like it, nonetheless.


Anonymous said...

I love this. Very different from all the other photos I'd been seeing. All are great, just different. :)

sMacThoughts said...

I think it came out better than I'd expected. Of course it was quite dark, and a cloud (you can see it in the shot) covered the 'big event' most of the time, but clearly I took a long enough exposure to add enough light to capture this, because, really, as I looked up, all I saw was a bright hard rim, and nothing more. I was shocked when I looked at my photos to see this. :)