Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Uncovering The Magic

In a recent post, I spoke about scanning the 'duds' - those photos which came out either way too overexposed or underexposed.  I showed examples of an underexposed Polaroid, and my scanning methods used to uncover the magic hidden within.   Today I'll share one which was overexposed, a Type 600 version of Impossible Project's color film (a 'skins' version with animal print frames).  My cameras are sx-70's, so this film will result in an overexposed image.

The original

The original cropped, after adjusting data in the individual color channels.


Anonymous said...

Love that dash of red pink at the bottom. I had to look back at the original to see if it was there. Very cool.

sMacThoughts said...

Haha, ok, I had to go back and look, too. It was this pack of film.... the strip at the top (looking like a long cloud) and the red line at the bottom show up in most of the pics.