Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Trading With The Bucketman

Danny Hoskinson is a wonderfully creative talent who I discovered accidentally while browsing Flickr (a photo-sharing site where I am a member.) His claim to fame (and he is well-renowned in the arena of folk art) is his medium, and his method of using and creating with it: I’m talking buckets. Yes, I said buckets. The big industrial plastic ones. He melts them down and creates wonderful, delightful, frightening, and wild creatures which decorate his home (even his truck!) and its surroundings. I imagine anyone visiting him deep in the woods of Polk County, Tennessee will wonder if they are dreaming. But you can see for yourself at his website that I am telling it like it is.

I am the proud owner of his lioness knife with sheath (pictured here) which I traded two prints of my photography to acquire (also pictured.) The photo does not do it enough justice, it has a lot of weight, and the smooth glossy, though wrinkly texture is beautiful! It hangs on my wall, and blows me kisses every time I look at her, and should I ever need protection, there is a knife hidden in that sheath, and I mean a KNIFE. Think Crocodile Dundee.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful work! And you chew the inside of your mouth? So like me you are!

sMacThoughts said...

Yes, Helen, I will eat it all up if I can. Sheesh. Bad habit!

Jenna P said...

Sooo I spent quite a bit of time looking at the art on Dannys website- amazing work! Thanks for sharing.. the concept is really neat and the results are very interesting


sMacThoughts said...

Yes, he's quite the creative person. Who would ever think to melt down a bucket and 'make' something? Plus, he's a nice, nice person!

Diana said...

I am thinking of truffles and pigs.

(Only in a relative sense, however. You are much too lovely for porcine comparison.)

But between this lioness/bucket/death dagger and your lovely antique children beneath, you seem to have a way of snuffling out the delightfully eerie.

Oh! And capturing it in your lens.



sMacThoughts said...

Thanks's so nice to find another person who does not see 'creepy' as others do. The eerie and surreal, and what might scare many we tend to find beautiful. Thanks!

Anonymous said...
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